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Welcome to Adult Gymnastics Stretch and Mobility

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Now that you have had some exploration of movement, handstands, and gymnastics strength training, you now should have a general idea what your range of motion looks like in certain positions. With gymnastics, no matter the range of mobility in the joints, training ALWAYS come back to mobility and stretching. This is not an option, it’s imperative for success in gymnastics. Your joint mobility is essential for everyday joint health, preventing injuries, finding balance within the body, and transferring to strength and skill training in gymnastics that we believe is meant to last a lifetime!

Mobility simply means the ability one has in a given range of motion, and the stability to control it. From a gymnastics approach, through flexibility and joint stability training, the more mobile the joints are, the more stable one has in their joints, transferring to more strength, power, speed, agility, and skill that can be attained. In our program, there are no quick fixes or gains. We prioritize mobility first with the goal of long-term results and more advanced skill. The time you put in now will result in the skills you will learn later.