Agatsu Kettlebell Certification Workshop

4 FEB 2023 - 5 FEB 2023

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KAZAM Gymnastics is designed to help you develop a strong foundation of gymnastics and functional movement. We help members become strong, mobile, and learn how to be awesome. Training with a gymnastics approach can supplement any other sport/discipline with quality coaching.

KAZAM Gymnastics aims to help athletes of all abilities to reach their personal gymnastics goals.  We provide a comprehensive gymnastics approach evolved from many years of training and coaching experience, influenced by other great movement specialists around the world.

Strength. Mobility. Handstands. Skills.

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I love coming here! The coaches are supportive and friendly, the other students are fun and inspiring, and the whole atmosphere is inclusive and uplifting. I've built up skills I never thought I'd be able to perform.

Michael Erdmann

After only 10 weeks in their Onset program I am stronger, more mobile and - most important - I know exactly what I need to work on to get the results I want! The team has created a truly outstanding program.

John MacPhee

I am taking gymnastics classes to supplement competitive dodgeball. I improved my body awareness and movement on the court. I learnt warm up and mobility drills that kept me away from injury.

Kevin Wu

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